“If you get, give. If you learn, teach.”

– Maya Angelou​

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

At Impactrio, we are committed to working with businesses both small and large that are dedicated to making positive change within their organization. We are experts in the social enterprise and non-profit space and work with organizations wanting to grow both in scale and scope and expand their range of knowledge and skills to accommodate for an ever-evolving social and economic climate.

We want you to feel heard and supported as an organization and are here to listen to your objectives and be an extension of both your team and your cause; we optimize our impact by helping you optimize yours. We are consistently striving to push the limits and take on new challenges to break through perceived boundaries.

Who We Serve 2

What We Serve

Ever ask yourself, “Am I making a difference?”

What We Serve

It’s a critical question and the answer matters – not just to you, but to your clients, board members, and investors. It’s not enough to have a successful product or service; organizations today are expected to be ethical as well as profitable.

That means helping human beings and the environment without sacrificing your bottom line. Not sure how to make that happen? We can help with that.

At Impactrio, we know that people, planet, and profit are equally important. More than that: they are interconnected. You don’t need to sacrifice one to boost another, and you shouldn’t have to. We believe that innovation combined with communication and community-level involvement are the keys to growing the triad in an inclusive way. We’ll help you measure, shape, and assess your impact so your business can both prosper and reflect your values.

Because It’s time to show your impact.

We know you are committed to doing good work and it is our job to prove it.

Impactrio offers consultation services, coaching, training, and virtual CIO guidance that bring together innovation, design thinking, and change management to solve the everyday challenges of owning a business. Our focus is on the human aspect of social innovation; to us, it’s not just about profit, it’s about purpose. We take an all-encompassing approach to look at the people, the purpose, and their impact.

At Impactrio, we are:

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What we Serve 3

How We Serve

How We Serve

If there is one thing that we have learned this year, it is that change is constant and life is unpredictable. Although this can often impact us negatively, ultimately it has taught us a lot about how we can live a more in-the-moment life. This year has reflected how society and industry are constantly evolving to adapt to new circumstances. In this new world, we think it’s important to ride the waves of change as they come and drop the resistance that often shows up.

Impactrio looks at focusing on positive change through 3 fundamental lenses: Innovation, Impact, and Integration.

Through Innovation, we focus on finding new and comprehensive ways of creating value for clients, stakeholders and consumers. Innovation offers new ways of looking at old systems and allows room for your company to grow and be aligned with the competition. We look at building innovation capacity and strategy to find a balance that suits your needs and optimizes your goals. We help you to monitor and evaluate your progress so that you know where you stand and can focus on the most crucial components of change.

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How we Serve 3

We know the value and importance of impact and how complex it can be to convert impact into tangible measures. Impactrio takes on this process through in-depth analytics and insights to not only demonstrate your impact but look at optimizing and expanding this effect. We perform the research, evaluation, and management strategies to determine how you can operate a change in your organization without becoming overwhelmed. Our change management processes are designed to focus on the human side of change and how we can accommodate individuals to make everyone feel comfortable. We use impact storytelling and management to demonstrate your impact in a way that can be easily and universally understood.

Lastly, we know practical integration is key to adding long term value to your organization. We focus on tangible steps that demonstrate your organization’s impact and social value across the board. Our goal is to strengthen your organization's capabilities to maintain and achieve your own mission over time. We accomplish this through manageable tactics that you can ensure align with your true values.

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Make Your Impact with Us

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